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Leadership & Strategy

This section helps your people to understand the bigger picture.

Topics include: Change Management, Innovation, Work-Life Balance, among others. 

Managing People & Teams

This section is all about the practicalities of people management.

Topics include: Performance Management and Developing Team Members, as well as Collaborative Working, Motivation and Managing Different Individuals. 

Personal Skills & Development

This section covers 'softer' skills - the nuts and bolts of the organisation.

Topics include: Communication, Presentations, Emotional Intelligence, Confidence, Creativity, Projects & Operations, Project Management and Customer Service. 

Project Management for
Non-Project Managers

"This video is an excellent and concise description of what a project is and how a good project is structured."

- Fife Council


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Infographic: Difficult Conversations - Common Mistakes

"Very useful! I will keep all of this in mind for the next time I have to handle a difficult conversation."

- Booking.com

Goleman's Five Elements of EQ

"It helped me understand myself better and learn where I need to focus my endeavours."

- Open University

Template: Team Member Development Analysis Form

"A great tool to get you prepared for your mid-year development discussions."

- Edrington Group

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